The Girl Behind the Blog

I'm Nea. It's pronounced like "Mia" with an N. 

I'm from Texas, but I'm currently a student at BYU studying elementary education. 

I love baking cupcakes, spending time with my husband, Austin, and pinning.

Fabric stores are my personal heaven.

I like big, fluffy blankets and fuzzy socks. 

I believe in dancing in the kitchen.

I love trying new recipes, but I also love making old family favorites. 

Welcome to my kitchen! 


  1. Nea this blog is gorgeous! But I'm looking through the recipes and I keep wondering—how are you not 500 lbs?? I'm dying just looking at all these delicious recipes! I didn't know you were such a talented baker!

  2. You must be LDS! So am I!!! you are beautiful!!! and thank you for your blog!!

  3. Ohhhmygosh Nea! I cannot believe I didn't know about this blog until I stalked your Instagram!! This will be a frequent stop for me from now on. ��

  4. Just made your chocolate chip peanut butter oatmeal cookies and will try the lemon buttermilk cake. Somehow I wondered, "is she another Mormon blogger? And then I saw the I believe button! Oh, my little boy missed the toilet. Gotta go!

  5. This girl running the blog is gorgious, cute.
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